AdditionsPlus Discord Webhook Messenger

Welcome to the AdditionsPlus Discord webhook page.
If you are a normal user, there is not much to do here for you. Just go back to your game :)
If you are an AdditionsPlus plugin copy owner, then there's also nothing to do for you here.

This page is used to send messages from the AdditionsPlus to a custom webhook that you specified.
I know, it's pretty cool. Ideas are by LizardNetwork (go play on that server).

Our website:

Try it out!



AdditionsPlus Messenger

BOT 11:00 PM
message here


Put the information below in your config.yml to make the [discord] action work.

enableHook: true
hostURL: ''
webhookURL: ''
bot_name: 'AdditionsPlus Messenger'
icon_url: ''

Use the action below to send the message to the Discord channel as the webhook: